For the most part, most of our spare rooms currently are either underused guest rooms or forgotten spaces left to accumulate items and dust. With a little forethought your spare room at Robin Glades can become one of the most enjoyable rooms in the house.

How about some ideas.

  • You could create a grandchild’s fun zone. Fill it with craft and toys. That way not only will you have a room set aside for when the grand kids but you will also have the mess contained :).
  • Music room for the musician of the house, this is ideally an uncluttered and quiet space to totally get into the zone. 
  • A home office is always an office choice, but remember all work and no play makes for a dull life.
  • Turn the space into a home gym. We are all living longer and quality of life is maintained through fitness.
  • A man or lady cave? Perhaps it is destined to have a sewing machine and hundreds of patterns on shelves with spools of cotton at the ready or perhaps it could also be a listening room for the audiophile in you wanting to spin your favourite tracks on vinyl and sit back and relax as Pink Floyd washes over you.
  • Turn it into a library room with comfy chairs and cushions, this is a pleasant quite space for reading.
  • Have a home theatre room, wall projectors and surround sound is becoming more affordable so by adding some recliner chairs and maybe a bar fridge you can enjoy your own dedicated movie night room.
  • A gaming room is also a fun idea whether it’s for Saturday night card night or perhaps even console gaming. You are never too young at heart to get into 3D virtual reality gaming.

These are just some ideas, make sure you plan, as part of the exercise of downsizing to Robin Glades, how you are going to use your spaces.