As part of our civil works for Robin Glades, Abbie Holdings has worked tirelessly to minimise our ecological footprint wherever possible.

Some of these efforts include:

  • The donation of grass trees to the City of Armadale for replanting.
  • We are investigating recycling the laterite (coffee rock) generated from rock breaking, into construction and landscaping materials. Any remaining will be offered to the local Roleystone community.
  • We are yet to send a single truck load of waste from our site. We have endeavoured process as much of the fill that we have created onsite before even exploring the option of off-site removal.
  • Any trees that required felling we have kept and intend to use on-site whether as mulch or as part of the landscaping.
  • We are installing a water treatment unit for on site disposal of all treated wastewater.
  • Approximately ⅓ of the entire site will be retained as trees.
  • We are currently constructing a swale on-site. The swale will be vegetated with local native plants to increase biodiversity and create habitats for returning and retained wildlife.
  • Retention of the remaining buildings that are remaining on the site for stage 2 of the project.

These are just some of the activities we have undertaken to date to ensure that Robin Glades fits right in at home in Roleystone.