As we edge ever closer to final and full project approval local residents may have noted on Saturday the 18th of November the erection of temporary fencing around the former primary school site at Robin Road.

Primarily the fencing has been erected on-site as a response to an increase in the activities of vandals. The Mens Shed have been fantastic in their support but can no longer keep up with the illegal site access and damage being inflicted on the former school buildings.

Currently we also await final approval from the WAPC for the subdivision of the land for the proposed development and we want to ensure we can hit the ground running when the time comes to begin site preparation. With the temporary fencing in place we are securing the lot and are one step closer to delivering on our plans to create a unique, community-centred retirement village.

Over the summer the site will become a hive of activity and we look forward to bringing you further updates as they come to hand. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this or any other issue.