It has been awhile since our last email. This isn’t because there has been little to say, in fact it is quite the opposite, it is because we have been working as hard as we can to ensure you get to build your Robin Glades Roleystone home as soon as possible.

House Plans

We now have draft house plans for all lots.We will be uploading these to the website shortly but for the time being please get in touch to discuss.

First 8 lots

The civil works for Lots 1-8, which sit along and on to Robin road, are almost complete. Once the WAPC has provided final approval we can begin sales of these lots. In fact we already have 2 reservations for Lots 1-8. If you were eyeing one of these first 8 lots please get in touch as soon as possible.

ATU installation complete

For those who live locally to our site, you may well have seen us installing large concrete tanks that look a little like large D Cell batteries last week or at the very least you didn’t miss the large rectangular shaped hole we were excavating close to Robin Road. This was for the installation of our ATU system.

Aerobic treatment units (ATUs) are environmentally friendly, self-contained electrical wastewater treatment systems. This unit will manage all the wastewater for the site and create water for reticulation to the tree area.

As always thank you for your patience. We are so close now and we can’t wait to see this fantastic community within a community begin construction

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